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DID someone tell you, "it's better to rent than to buy in Ardmore"? 
NOT SO...... you can spend less per month in ownership than most rentals. 
You have complete control over your home when you own.  You have a great tax write off and when it comes time to sell and  Ardmore is the best resale neighborhood in Forsyth County!  

Ardmore's Gateway Garden

Have you heard about the new community garden in Ardmore?  Click
here for pictures from the grand opening and please
visit their website at

 Everyone is welcome to join in the fun, education, plantings and new events happening all the time.

Historic Ardmore

Approximately  6,000 acres of land with over 2,000 buildings, bounded on the west by Knollwood Street, the north by Queen Street, the east by Duke Street and the south by Ardsley Street.  Knollwood Manor and properties East of Bolton Street are still considered Ardmore and are well within walking distance to Baptist Hospital. 
Established in 1900 as the first middle-class residential neighborhood with Craftsman style and Victorian style homes, being the first neighborhood in Winston Salem to have detached garages for the commuting residents. Residents comfortably offer a rainbow of color to spice up the streets and dot the neighborhood with eclectic styles.  
On any given day,  joggers, walkers and strolling families fill the sidewalks and parks. 

Dog walkers
are so popular in Ardmore that several residents leave a special watering dish out for thirsty fidos.


Spring in Ardmore is breathtaking.  Just about every street is lined with blooming trees & bushes, not to mention the tulip & daffodil displays.

Leisurely walks are the most enjoyable. You'll see everyone out in their yards, dog walkers,  children playing and pretty scenes all around.

Ardmore Facts
  • 184 Ardmore properties sold in 2013.
  • Highest price paid for a home in Ardmore in 2012 was  $318,000
  • 38% of the homes were sold in 30 days or less
  • June 2013 was the busiest month with 27 Ardmore closings
  • Ardmore Realty was rated one of the top 3 selling real estate firms in Ardmore. Not bad for a firm of two agents, whereas the other two firms have over 100 agents each.  
  • Almost every Ardmore property sold within 92% of their asking price.
  • The average rental price for a 3bed/2bath sinle family is $1,200 mo.
  • The Ardmore Neighborhood Association is hosting a public information meeting this Spring . Lots of important information to share. Please come! 
  • Compared to all other neighborhoods in Winston Salem, Ardmore is still one of the safest places to live in Forsyth County.


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